Summer's StoryAfter completing a few courses at PACA Adult Learning in 2014 and for the first time enjoying education I was inspired to further myself in life. I joined the Access course with the hope of gaining the qualification needed to attend university. Having had my daughter at 18 years old I never had this opportunity.

After just 6 weeks of being on the Access course and with already feeling extremely over whelmed, my father died suddenly and unexpectedly. I was extremely close to my father and this was an extremely distressing time in my life especially as he was the only parent I had and I am still very young to have to deal with this. However I knew my dad was proud of everything I was doing especially trying to get into university as no one from our family has ever done this.

I decided to use this sad time in my life to focus all my energies into making a sad situation into something positive. The Access course has helped me to have a focus to get through this difficult time and to progress with my life. I have learnt valuable skills that I will take with me throughout life. Receiving distinctions on all the assignments I have submitted has also been very encouraging.

I have accepted a place at the University of Brighton next year and hope to excel in this experience and go on to make my father proud of me. I also hope in taking this step into extended education; it will inspire my daughter to follow in my footsteps. Being a positive role model in my daughter’s life is extremely important to me and I hope by following the path I have chosen I can be just that.

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