The Portslade Learning Centre is located at the heart of Boundary Road (on the corner of Boundary Road and New Church Road). We offer a friendly and welcoming environment in which to find out about the courses PACA Adult Learning offers at Chalky Road, Foredown Tower and Boundary Road as well information and advice about other courses around the city.

At Boundary Road we run short and longer courses in a variety of topics including creative writing, Pre-GCSE English and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

Every Tuesday (from 09:30 to 11:30) there is a Job Club to support you if you are looking for work and do not have a computer at home. You are welcome to drop in and use our computers to practice your IT skills, check your emails or search for jobs. Please call the centre on 01273 382739 and check availability before you come in.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Upcoming courses at Portslade Learning Centre

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
CL009C Creative Writing for all 10 Weeks 5 May 2017
CL010C Creative Writing intermediate 10 Weeks 28 April 2017
CL013 Dressmaking for Beginners 10 Weeks 27 April 2017
FE023C ESOL Entry 1 10 Weeks 3 May 2017
FE022C ESOL Entry 2 10 Weeks 3 May 2017
FE024C ESOL Entry 3 10 Weeks 26 April 2017
CL020C Introduction to Creative Writing 10 Weeks 2 May 2017
FE040 Mentoring Level 1 10 Weeks 25 April 2017
CL025C Patchwork and Quilting – How to Design Your Own Quilt 10 Weeks 24 April 2017
CL024C Patchwork-Focus on Cathedral Window Techniques 10 Weeks 27 April 2017
CL042 Revamp your clothes 1 Day 27 May 2017
CL052 Wedding Floristry Workshop 1 day 6 May 2017
CL034C Writing Family Histories and Historical Fiction 10 Weeks 28 April 2017
CL035C Writing for Children and Young People 10 Weeks 2 May 2017