8220d045435548f219c59d800f3580f0We were so pleased to receive this message from one of our students! Learning at PACA Adult Learning can really transform lives. This message was from a student who studied on our Photography Self Health course

The following is published with permission of the student:

I wanted to give you feedback on my attendance on the Photography course for Self-health and how learning can help with Mental Health Issues.

Prior to starting the course, my depression and anxiety was very high. The thought of learning photography and undertaking something new was not something I thought would be possible.

Since attending and completing the course, my depression and anxiety have decreased substantially to the point where my outlook on life has significantly improved. The course has helped change my outlook on life and also has given me a sense of purpose and self-worth, Philip is a very patient tutor, who has challenged me to look at how I can improve my photography. Indeed when things go wrong with a picture has gone wrong, I now think about what I can do to change this, rather than previously I would have thought myself a failure as I am unable to get a photograph right. This would result in a further spiral into depression and anxiety.

The programme can and does make a difference to people with Mental Health Issues, as it can support us to realise that life is not all bleak and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, where we can once again feel human and learn to accept ourselves. Indeed I find myself getting out more with the camera, rather than staying in my flat and ruminating over issues that I have no control over. This change for me, is something that 5 weeks ago, I would have not thought possible.

Please do pass on my thanks to Philip for his delivering the course and all the help and support he has given during the five weeks.

Kind regards,


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  • We are so proud of Stephen – a real inspiration and a testament to the power of education to transform peoples’ life chances.

    Nick Fenn Reply

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