Dementia Action Week 2018

We’re taking action during #DAW2018 and sharing this story about two friends asking for help to be less scared. It is written by Alison Plaumer, a senior lecturer on the Access to Higher Education course here at PACA Adult Learning. Alison is very keen to emphasise the importance of treating the person with Dementia holistically. Please read her narrative about the importance of supporting the dignity of a Person with Dementia.

Hello there … Hi it’s us.

PACA Adult Learning supports Dementia Action WeekOnly it’s us we used to be.. Ruby and Vanessa, having a hot cuppa after reading one of our favourite books at the book group where we met.

We’ve just taken a break to have tea. Would you like one? Would you like to join us? The book we’re reading is called A Thousand splendid suns. Have you read it? So wonderfully elegant, breathtakingly beautiful, and eloquently written. We love it. Do you?

We just wanted to share a few thoughts with all you lovely carers, but before we do ….
PLEASE do have a chocolate, we bought them specially for you …..
You see we’ve come back in time and we’re 59 ….that’s how old we were when we met at book group. People told us we were funny, we were kind, we were fun and we were bright . We were both teachers too, and loved the children we worked with. We also both love cats and tea, and opera, and good conversation and sherry…. We also write. Poetry and prose
Hey ho heady days…

Anyway, thank you for all your hard work looking after us. We know it can’t be easy for you. We really do feel for you guys…we just can’t tell you that now.

However we do need to tell you we’re scared. I mean really scared. Really quickly scared.
We might not show it, but we are really, really, scared ……..
We never used to be. We also never liked being touched by strangers. We still don’t, we just can’t tell you that now.

I’m sorry if we lash out when you approach us quickly.
I’m sorry if we lash out when you touch us without warning, or want to wash us. We are sorry you have to do this for us. …. we just can’t tell you now.

But it’s because we’re scared you see.
and we don’t like being touched.
and we don’t like being helped, even by our daughters.
and we know we need it now. And we know it’s hard for you…. and we’re sorry…

But we do love quiet voices, and being really slow, and being warned, and being explained too. Will you help us? Will you help us be less scared? Love & Thanks, The book club twins

To find out more about what actions you can take, please visit the Alzeimer’s Society website and follow them on Twitter @alzheimerssoc.

To find out about our professional and vocational courses including our Access to University courses, please call 01273 422 632 or email

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