Action for Happiness

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama. Lost your mojo? has your joie de vivre deserted you? Got a touch of winter blues? Need a plan to kick-start the Autumn? Perhaps you would like to feel better - with more energy, better health and improved wellbeing? Action for Happiness will provide you with a ten-week plan to get you back on track.

Art – Be Creative Beginners

Develop the artist within you! Explore mixed media and inspirational artists. The core topics are tone, colour, technique, composition and exploration of different materials - this will be followed by a personal project. There will be a different personal project for each course.

Art – Be Creative Improvers

A course which covers the key elements of art and encourages learners to develop these in their own personal direction. Initial sessions shall look at core subjects such as drawing, tone, colour, painting techniques, as well as looking at the work of historical and contemporary artists. Each learner will then be encouraged to develop this in a direction which will further develop their own personal interests such as exploring traditional watercolours, developing their work into textiles pieces or 3 dimensional work. There will be a different personal project for each course.

Art – Portraiture

This is an exciting and challenging courses suitable for all levels. On this course you will learn how to draw the face (portrait) from photographs and then from life. You will learn how to draw your own self portrait and how to use different media including gorgeous chalk pastel, charcoal and ink. The cost for the model is included in the course fee. 

Art – Watercolour and Drawing for Beginners/Improvers

In this course you will develop a free and fresh approach to painting watercolour, which I hope will inspire you to paint at home or on holidays. You will experiment with different scales and bring in mixed media to loosen up your technique. There will be regular demonstrations where you will apply and learn about the different washes, colour mixing and texture. This an ideal course if you are a beginner or just want to loosen up the way you paint.

Art – Watercolour and Drawing for Intermediates

In this two hour class we will be exploring the various techniques of watercolour, developing your unique style and becoming more in tuned with the medium. There will be regular demonstrations throughout the ten weeks. There is always lots of friendly help and advice on hand throughout the duration of the course. Each course covers new themes so that repeat students can enjoy new subjects each time.

Ballroom Dancing

Enjoy learning the dances from Strictly Come Dancing. Make new friends, stay fit and find your rhythm. Dance shoes are required. You do not need to enrol with a partner. In the first term you will cover Social Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Jive.

Creative Writing Intermediate

A class where more experienced writers can share their work and develop their skills in a supportive atmosphere. Students are welcome to work on longer projects, or to engage with the weekly writing tasks. In the Autumn term we’ll explore some key technical creative writing issues including Point of View and writing scenes.

Design and make your own bag

This course offers the chance to design and make your own bag. There will be a choice of two bag patterns – both beach bag size. You will then cut out and assemble the bag using your own fabric and a supplied pattern. Finished samples will be available for reference, and there will be step […]

Digital Photography

This course is for anyone who has just bought a camera and has little or no idea how to use the controls. This will be a beginner’s class tailored for people who need to get to grips with the basic settings or need a refresher of photography basics and fundamentals.

Floristry for Beginners

Learn how to make beautiful flower designs. This course is for those who love bringing flowers into their home, or who are flower arranging for events or considering a career in floristry. An introduction into basic floristry techniques so that you will be able to create designs for your home. Materials and equipment are extra.

Floristry for Intermediates

You will need to have had some previous experience of floristry, for example a previous course at PACA Adult Learning or similar college. You will extend your floristry knowledge by doing more intricate designs. You will be helped to push yourself to use different designs and different flowers out of your comfort zone. Materials and equipment are extra.

Guitar Improvers

This course is for people who can play all the open position chords and can strum and finger pick basic patterns. Students should be able to understand tab and chord diagrams. The course will build upon techniques developed in the Guitar For Beginners group and expand musical knowledge. The style of playing is based around popular music/songs.

Guitar Intermediate

Intermediate Guitar is designed for students who have completed the Improvers Guitar Course. Students joining this course should be able to play all open position chords, play a basic finger picking pattern and confidently strum a variety of rhythms. They should also be able to read tablature and have some basic knowledge of music theory and know the names of the notes on the fretboard. In this course we will extend our repertoire of songs (mainly popular, folk and blues pieces) and start to introduce some barre chords and power chords into our playing. We will also learn more scales which will help improvisation and technique.

Indian Head Massage

Learn how to carry out a traditional Indian Head Massage, including massaging the head, shoulders, neck and face.

Introduction to Creative Writing

A confidence-building introduction to imaginative and creative writing. This wide-ranging course covers fiction, poetry and autobiography, and will allow students to get started writing creatively through writing exercises, discussion and sharing their own work. In the Autumn, you will get started using your imagination and also writing from life. You will start to share your writing with other writers.

Irish Dancing for Fun

A perfect way to make friends, get fit and have fun whilst learning a new skill. This is a class for complete beginners and those with a little knowledge of Irish Dance. You will learn the basic steps of Reels and Jigs, dancing in time to music and then move on to group and set dances. Bring along a bottle of water, a passion for Irish music and comfortable footwear such as plimsolls or dance trainers.

Irish Dancing for Fun – Intermediates

This course is for those with experience of Irish step dancing. Those that have come from the 'beginners' course will be progressing to more challenging steps and group dances. If you are new to this course, you will need to know how to dance a reel.

Italian For Beginners – Term 1

In the Italian beginners autumn term you will learn about: Interacting with native speakers, asking and answering simple questions, greeting people and introducing yourself, introducing someone, asking and giving personal details, asking for spelling of words, nationality and age, asking for and giving telephone numbers, ordering in a café, restaurant, asking prices and bills and speaking formally.

Italian For Improvers – Term 1

In the Italian improvers course you will learn about: understanding and using medium to complex sentences, interacting efficiently with native speakers, describe and express opinion about clothes, give and ask for suggestions, talk about memories and describe habits in the past, describe physical and personality aspects of a person, compare people and analyze psychological aspects of a person, ask politely for something and express desire and hypothesis.

Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths

Come along and make unique Christmas wreaths to impress your friends and give away as gifts. You will learn how to make three different styles of wreath using textiles, haberdashery, beads and natural materials. Wreath frames will be supplied at cost price. Please refer to the course web page for 'Materials You Will Need'.

Natural Facelift Massage

Based on the principles of Ayurveda this massage focuses on stimulating the pressure points on the face. After a scalp infusion of warm oils, you will use a be-spoke blend of face oils on the face to create a glowing complexion and ease stress and tension from the facial muscles. You will also look at skin types, skin conditions and vitamins and minerals essential for good skin care.

Patchwork – Focus on Log Cabin techniques

Techniques will include Sunshine & Shadow, Courthouse steps, Foundation method, Chaining method, Variable widths, Random shapes, Folded strip method, Pineapple, Twisted blocks and Folded whole fabric method

Patchwork and Quilting – Sampling the Quilt

A basic overview of the quilt making process, which can be built on in subsequent courses. Make a small wallhanging which will be quilted as a whole piece

Patchwork and Quilting – Sampling the Quilt – Part 2

Following on from Term 1 but also suitable for people who have done a patchwork course before. Make a small wallhanging. Quilting will be done block by block

Photography Advanced Techniques

A follow on from the beginner course, this course is for anyone who has a bit of photography experience but wants to know how to take better photographs of specific subjects. Learn more about photography, brush up your skills on the basics and learn how to optimise your camera for different situations.


An introduction to Photoshop and the different tools and settings that can be used to edit photographs and create graphic images in a variety of ways. This course is ideal for getting to next stage of digital photography or using Photoshop for graphic design, illustration, general artwork and printmaking.

Pilates and Relaxation Techniques

A perfect course if you wish to condition your body and mind. It includes a beneficial relaxation section in the final stages of each session. Pilates teaches awareness and control of the body. This body awareness is taught through eight principles: postural symmetry, corseting, control and flow of movement, strength, relaxation and breathing. This type of exercise is suitable for everyone. It is particularly safe and effective for those with back problems and is often recommended by osteopaths and chiropractors.

Spanish Beginners – Term 1

Planning a holiday to Spain? Or interested in the language? This is an opportunity to learn a new language and find out a little about Spanish culture. The class will emphasise the basic conversation required for holidays or social occasions. For absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of the language. You will learn about: Meeting and greeting people, saying where you are from - countries and nationalities, saying what you do - jobs and professions, talking about your family, ordering food and drink in a bar or restaurant, the Spanish alphabet, numbers, masculine/ feminine and plural forms, the verb SER, HAY - there is /there are and some common irregular verbs: QUERER, TENER.

Spanish Improvers – Term 1

This course is for those who have already done the beginners level and possess a basic knowledge of the language During this term you will learn about: talking about likes and dislikes: pastimes, activities, food, describe what you do in your free time, express opinions - say what you think of your home town, accepting and refusing invitations, giving reasons and saying how you feel, explaining problems and giving advice, talk about future plans, arranging to go to the cinema, describing different types of films, the verb : GUSTAR, adjectives of feeling and object pronouns.

Spanish Intermediate – Term 1

The main aim of the course is to consolidate prior learning and to build up confidence in speaking. We will deal with new grammar points as they arise, but the focus will be on developing conversational skills.

Swing Dance for All

Swing Dance is based on dances from the 1930’s. We often dance to Big Band music from Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and Nina Simone. You do not need to enrol with a partner. Term One will cover Basic Rhythm step, Swing Out, Lindy Circle, Texas Tommy, Lindy Turn and Charleston.

The Art of Sugarcraft

Learn to make beautiful flowers, foliage and other decorations to turn your cakes into a work of art. Each term we make a different flower and foliage and explore ways to display them on your cakes. All materials and Equipment are extra. All abilities welcome. Autumn Term - Arum Lillies; and Leaves; a Christmas Decoration and How to Marzipan and Ice a Cake

Understand your sewing machine

Learn how to find your way around your sewing machine and gain confidence using the various stitches as well as how to clean and maintain it.


Learn the basics to enable you to build a website. Learn how to design and publish your own website. Some previous experience of using a computer is necessary.

Writing Family Histories and Historical Fiction

This is a course for anyone with an interest in writing about the past. You might have an idea for a novel set in a particular historical period, want to write about family history, or simply want to explore writing within this genre. All classes will involve sharing and discussing learners’ own writing and will be suitable for both beginners and experienced writers. In the Autumn term we’ll explore some of the key issues relating to writing about the past, including research and authenticity.

Writing for Children and Young People

This course is for anyone with an interest in writing for children and young people. All classes will involve sharing and discussing learners’ own writing and will be suitable for both beginners and experienced writers. In the Autumn term we’ll explore some of the key issues relating to writing for a young audience, including language choices and editing your work.

Yoga – Iyengar For All – Continuing Level

For those who have previously studied and practiced yoga, not necessarily the Iyengar method.

Yoga – Iyengar for all

A practical one and a half hour class of Yoga. You will learn the Iyengar method of Yoga by practising the asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing techniques).Corrections will be given individually as necessary either through refined demonstrations, verbal instructions or hands on adjustments. Relaxation postures are always a part of this class. It is recommended to commit to the full term, however are welcome to join this class during the term if there is a space.