Italian For Improvers – Term 3

In the last term of the improvers course, we will study how to: talk about the future; express desires, intentions, suppositions and conditions; write a job application letter; talk about the new job; write and talk about a story; talk about what happened in a specific moment; express curiosity and necessity, and compare situations.

Italian For Beginners – Term 3

Students will learn how to talk about free time and things they like to do, express agreement and disagreement, book a hotel room, ask for the price of a room, rent an apartment, describe an apartment and city, study an itinerary and ask for information, talk about opening and closing times, and how to narrate past events.

Introduction to Print Making

This is an exciting course which will enable you to gain experience of and explore different printmaking techniques. This will include Monoprinting and Relief printmaking, including – Lino cuts, foam block, collography and wood cut. You will get the chance to produce your own individual prints in a fun and supportive environment. You will need to supply the tools to start off, this would be about £20 and would include cutting tools, roller, and basic inks and a printing plate.

Art – Be Creative Improvers

A course which covers the key elements of art and encourages learners to develop these in their own personal direction. Initial sessions shall look at core subjects such as drawing, tone, colour and painting techniques, as well as looking at the work of historical and contemporary artists. Each learner will then be encouraged to develop this in a direction which will further develop their own personal interests, such as exploring traditional watercolours, developing their work into textiles pieces or 3 dimensional work. There will be a different personal project for each course.

AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping L3

This challenging qualification follows on from the Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping and provides students with the skills that they need to work in a variety of bookkeeping and financial accounting roles. The qualification comprises three units: Advanced Bookkeeping, Final Accounts Preparation and Indirect Tax. Upon completion, students are able to apply for the designatory letters ‘AATQB’ to reflect their status as AAT qualified bookkeepers. This qualification is ideal for students who do not feel confident in completing the detailed written English elements contained within the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting, but who still wish to gain a valuable qualification at Level 3. The course fee includes the first exam sitting of each of the three exams but does not include the fee for student membership of AAT or the cost of any exam resits.

Personalise Your Wardrobe

In a world of mass production, learn how to make your clothes totally unique by adding patch pockets, iron on letters, hearts, flowers, new buttons, collar, cuffs etc.

Drawing for beginners

The course involves drawing from direct observation, still life, landscapes, self portrait and photographs with an emphasis on space, volume, simple perspective and other techniques and concepts.

Seeing/Drawing skills will be developed and  mark making, value, line and line quality will be explored.

Drawing for all

This course is suitable for all levels. We believe that everyone can draw. Whether you are just starting out or have done a little drawing and want a reminder of the basics. We will help you develop your skills and potential. You will get the chance to express your creativity, experiment with different mediums and develop your drawing techniques in a fun and supportive environment.

Digital Confidence Builder

Developing basic IT skills and gaining confidence in using a computer, laptop or mobile phone to create and share documents, navigate the internet, send email and manage a Universal Credit claim.

Digital Confidence Builder

Developing basic IT skills and gaining confidence in using a computer, laptop or mobile phone to create and share documents, navigate the internet, send email and manage a Universal Credit claim.

Creative writing – Poetry

Local writer Rachel Shorer thinks there’s something a bit magical about poetry. In this one day course she explores how poetry reaches places other words can’t. You’ll write different kinds of poems, read poetry and share your work with others. As a group of writers you’ll support and encourage each other. Suitable for those who haven’t read or written a poem since they were in school, those who already love reading and writing poetry, and everyone in between.

Indian Head Massage

Learn how to carry out a traditional Indian Head Massage, including massaging the head, shoulders, neck and face.

Award in Counselling Level 3

Counselling level 3 is the ideal course for anyone who would like to develop counselling skills for use in work or in a personal capacity. Topics covered include working ethically in helping relationships and understanding the importance of self-development in relation to helping others. This qualification is designed for anyone who’d like to develop their use of counselling skills for use in either work or in a personal capacity. This may be learners who wish to progress towards further qualifications, or learners who wish to study this programme in order to complement other programmes (eg health and social care, children’s care, learning and development, voluntary and community work). 

Pre-Access for Health and Social Care Professionals

Achievement of the qualification will support learners to enter employment within health and social care sectors by providing the background knowledge and skills needed to work within health and social care. Students completing this course could apply for the Access to Higher Education Diploma course at PACA Adult Learning

Digital Photo Editing for Beginners

The course is ideal for anyone who has undertaken the DSLR photography courses but is also open to any keen photographer. The course covers the basic use of software to make the most of the photographs you have made. You will learn a wide range of the features of Photoshop and the workshop will take a lot of the fear and confusion out of editing.

Counselling Skills – Level 1

Course members will explore the use of interpersonal skills in the helping relationship, including the importance of empathy and respect. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills will also be developed, as well as an understanding of boundaries and confidentiality.

Counselling Level 2 – Helping Skills

The qualification gives learners the opportunity to investigate the knowledge and skills needed to use counselling skills and engage in a helping interaction, appropriately. Topics covered: using counselling skills; introduction to counselling skills theories; diversity and ethics in the use of counselling skills; and counselling skills and personal development.

Introduction to Digital Photography Part 2

This course follows on from Part 1 BUT is also open to more confident photographers that may wish to join the course. Over the duration of the course we will look at how to take complete control of your camera in manual mode and continue to look at improved composition and a variety of exciting and creative photography challenges. We will also look at different kinds of creative photography, such as Landscape photography, Long exposure photography, light painting, creative portraiture and macro photography.

Teaching Assistant Level 4 Practitioner in Schools

This new qualification is the first at Level 4 for Teaching Assistants. Developing a L4 qualification for those people who want to progress their careers in the field of teaching and learning support.

Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3

This qualification provides learners with an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills needed when working directly with children and young people in school and college environments. It covers all aspects of specialist support including planning; delivering and reviewing assessment strategies to support learning alongside the teacher; bilingual support; special needs support; and personal development and reflective practice.