Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3

This qualification provides learners with an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills needed when working directly with children and young people in school and college environments. It covers all aspects of specialist support including planning; delivering and reviewing assessment strategies to support learning alongside the teacher; bilingual support; special needs support; and personal development and reflective practice.

British Sign Language Level 3

This course is suitable for those who already have achieved British Sign Language Level 2 and wish to gain a higher level of understanding of BSL grammar, linguistics and of Deaf culture and community. *There will be 6 Saturday workshops during the course

British Sign Language Level 2 Signature

You will develop your skills in British Sign Language to be able to use in a wide range of everyday situations. The course is an ideal next step for those who have completed the Level 1 qualification we offer.

British Sign Language Level 1 Signature

You will develop the basic ability to communicate with deaf people. This is an excellent foundation for the level 2 qualification we offer.

Tai Chi Taster course

This is an opportunity to get a taste of the main course for FREE. You will enjoy a mix of fun activities which we hope will fire up your enthusiasm.

You will be able to enrol on the main 'parent' course at the end of your taster session with a £5 discount! (offer lasts 24hrs)

Iconic Pop/Commercial Dance Beginners term 1

Have you ever dreamed of learning an iconic dance routine from the 80's, 90's or beyond?! Well now you can! So if you want to groove like a zombie from the iconic Thriller Video, strike a pose in Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ or try a bit of Footloose… then now is your chance! Each routine is broken down into easy to follow sections with the opportunity  to learn a completely new routine every two weeks! There is no chance of getting bored in this fun packed course. And if you miss a week, don’t sweat it, we’ll probably me moving onto something new anyway!

Knitting for beginners

You will learn some basic stitches and how to combine them to create different decorative patterns. Learning how to change colour and create cable designs will add wonderful detail to your makes. You will also learn how to follow a pattern and will have support to work on a simple pattern of your choice. You will also learn how to sew up and finish your makes.

18th Edition -2383

The scope and fundamental principles of BS 7671.

Tai Chi for beginners

An introduction for beginners of all ages and abilities from Internal Alchemy Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong on the Cheng Man – Ch'ing 37 posture Tai Chi form and Qi Gong and related exercises.  To improve: health, relaxation, mental focus and improved mobiltiy.

Computing for all

In the first 5 weeks we will work with you to build your confidence and skills, whatever your starting point.  In the second half of the course you will work on a project brief designed to develop the skills you have told us you want to develop so you have the opportunity to practice and quickly learn the skills you need.

Computing for all

In the first 5 weeks we will work with you to build your confidence and skills, whatever your starting point.  In the second half of the course you will work on a project brief designed to develop the skills you have told us you want to develop so you have the opportunity to practice and quickly learn the skills you need.

Yin Yoga

As well as being a very meditative practice, with the longer and passive holds yin targets our deeper tissues (connective tissue and joints) resulting in increased flexibility and mental focus.

Yin is also a combination of Hatha Yoga with the Traditional Chinese Medicine understanding of our body, including Organs and Meridians.

Make Your Own Bunting

Learn to make your own personal bunting using recycled garments and fabrics of your choice. You will be learning double and single sided bunting and ironing on words and letters of your choice.

Yoga Hatha Flow

Students will learn basic yoga asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) and some meditation in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Spanish Conversation – Term 1

During this course we will build on prior knowledge and will put in to practice language learned previously. We will use a variety of tenses to talk about issues of personal and cultural interest, such as family, hobbies, holidays abroad, plans for the future. Further topics can be planned according to the needs and interests of individual students.

Spanish Intermediate – Term 1

The main aim of the course is to consolidate prior learning and to build up confidence in speaking. We will deal with new grammar points as they arise, but the focus will be on developing conversational skills.

Spanish Improvers – Term 1

This course is for those who have already done the beginners level and possess a basic knowledge of the languageDuring this term you will learn about: talking about likes and dislikes: pastimes, activities, food, describe what you do in your free time, express opinions – say what you think of your home town, accepting and refusing invitations, giving reasons and saying how you feel, explaining problems and giving advice, talk about future plans, arranging to go to the cinema, describing different types of films, the verb : GUSTAR, adjectives of feeling and object pronouns

Spanish Beginners – Term 1

Planning a holiday to Spain? Or interested in the language? This is an opportunity to learn a new language and find out a little about Spanish culture. The class will emphasise the basic conversation required for holidays or social occasions. For absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of the language.You will learn about: Meeting and greeting people, saying where you are from – countries and nationalities, saying what you do – jobs and professions, talking about your family, ordering food and drink in a bar or restaurant, the Spanish alphabet, numbers, masculine/ feminine and plural forms, the verb SER, HAY – there is /there are and some common irregular verbs: QUERER, TENER

Spanish Advanced – Term 1

During this term we will be talking about past events and experiences, as well as social changes, and learning when to use the different past tenses. We will also be talking about future plans and intentions, and imagining future changes, as well as the effects of environmental changes. We will learn how to express conditions and hypotheses, and when to use the different future forms.

Art – Be Creative Improvers

A course which covers the key elements of art and encourages learners to develop these in their own personal direction. Initial sessions shall look at core subjects such as drawing, tone, colour, painting techniques, as well as looking at the work of historical and contemporary artists. Each learner will then be encouraged to develop this in a direction which will further develop their own personal interests such as exploring traditional watercolours, developing their work into textiles pieces or 3 dimensional work. There will be a different personal project for each course.